The Small Business at Work Toolkit

Helping small businesses welcome employees with disabilities
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Recruiting and hiring people with disabilities

Deeper Dive

This handpicked set of resources is shown in two categories. The first category shares general tools about disability inclusiveness in the workplace. The second category lists actual recruiting sources and partnership opportunities.

General resources for recruiting and hiring

Disability-inclusive recruiting sources and partnerships

  • American Job Centers (AJCs): Contact an American Job Center Office near you to ask about finding job seekers with disabilities. You can also ask about hiring veterans with disabilities.
  • State Vocational Rehabilitation Centers: Vocational Rehabilitation Centers are located in each US state/territory. In addition to providing applicants, these centers can assist small business employers with customized training, job try-out options, job coaching, and accommodation supports.
  • US Department of Labor Workforce Recruitment Program: Most colleges and universities have a career services office and a disability student services office. Contact these offices at your local college to find out more about how to reach graduating students with disabilities.
  • Disabled American Veterans: Register as an employer with Disabled American Veterans.
  • Independent Living Centers (ILCs): The ILC network consists of centers located in communities across the country that provide resources for people with disabilities and their families, and to businesses and others. These centers can provide small businesses with ideas for finding workers with disabilities in the community.
  • GettingHired: This is one of the largest job boards for finding qualified talent with disabilities. You can also find qualified veterans with disabilities.
  • Our Ability: This New York State–based website allows you to post your jobs and access other services to recruit qualified people with disabilities.
  • abilityJobs: Discover a range of resources aimed at helping employers find qualified job seekers with disabilities.